Telecoms Solutions

Shared digital infrastructure Management

Fiber Optic Backbone, Shared Data Center infrastructure, Open access networks, Rollout of shared mobile transmission and radio networks


strategy, marketing, management and optimization of distribution networks, business operations management

Revenue modeling & Market sizing

Solution for implementing an effective revenue model : Market sizing (with various approaches);
Revenue model up to EBITDA Margin;
Scenario analysis.

Business performance audit 

Methodology for assessing the operational business performance of a telecoms company :

Gap analysis and explanatory factors and what-if analysis;

Audit and optimization of the company’s business performance process.

Pricing and marketing-mix analytics

Various activities for improving revenue:

Pricing and tariff plans elasticity analysis and modeling;

Assessment and optimization of value proposition;

Building of market-response models;

Marketing effectiveness and ROI.

Geo-marketing/ S&D analytic

Various solutions for improving Sales & Distribution effectiveness:

Geo-marketing analysis;

Regions and BTS profitability.

Real Time Regional Micro Market Revenues Performance Tracking and Analysis.

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