It is very important that the entire organization is aligned, with the stated business objectives, and is actively engaged in designing the future strategy of the business.

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Strategic Sessions : We do facilitate strategy sessions at different levels of the organization starting with the senior executives to more managers or teams in charge of execution. Facilitation includes the sketching and construction of tailor made scenarios and best options selection to cope with challenges and risks inherent to your competitive environment.”

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The conversation can be over one day, one-and-a-half days, or two days depending on the client’s needs. Strategy, the aim of the business, should not change that often, while tactics to stay on course will vary according to how the game evolves. Indeed, we have defined seven principles of strategy:

  1. Strategy is direction. Tactics are how to get there.
  2. Strategy formulated without first consulting the context will probably end up being bad strategy.
  3. Strategy is as much about ruling in potential paths that fit your scope as ruling out others that don’t.
  4. Good strategy can be turned into bad strategy by a future change in the context. Scenarios are a way of exploring alternative futures, which might necessitate a change in strategy.

5. Bad tactics can destroy good strategy, but no tactic can rescue bad strategy.

6. Good strategy has a greater chance of being converted into good results if tactics are accompanied by a set of measurable outcomes to which people can aspire.

7. Above all, strategy is about understanding what you do and don’t control, and what is certain and uncertain about the future – and knowing when to change direction to avert unintended, and possibly.

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