Understand your customers needs
06 Sep 2016

Are you struggling to achieve your sales goals?

Understand your customers needs.

  • How and where they like to buy?
  • Do they need a personalized education for your product?
  • Do they need a complementary product to yours?

Tune your distribution strategy to the need of your end users.

The choice of a distribution channel is based on the need of the consumer, the price of your products, the complexity of using your product and your market size. This is why you choose to sell to your end consumer via direct sales force or via the networks of resellers and finally through added values sellers.

Identify natural partners

Those who already have an established network and relationship with the end consumer.

Build your distribution channel.

Identify the actors of the chosen channels and offer them a partnership.

You will need to clarify their goals and create promotions to support sales.


If you choose to have more distribution channels, be careful of conflicts on prices. The price at which you sell to your wholesaler will have some impact on the selling price to the end consumer. The selling price to the end consumer is decisive in the choice of a distributor and certainly has an impact on sales.

You want to create a new distribution channel? You need to build an effective pricing strategy and sales process. Next, launch marketing campaigns to support sales.

We are at your side to help you build your distribution strategy.

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