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Our focus is to bridge the gap between developing winning strategies and delivering effective results on the ground. We are The missing link.
Beyond advisory services, Execution Consulting Ltd. supports its clients partners in the operational implementation of the recommendations.
For customers and partners, this support over time, is an additional guarantee of success.
The partners and Execution Consulting Ltd. Consultants intervene regularly on day to day issues affecting our client business.
Therefore, our experts and consultants bring you a pragmatic and operational vision in line with your expectations.



Research-Market research - All types of market research in any sector - Focus groups, surveys, etc - General consumer survey, brand research, Campaign evaluation, etc

Process Desks

Our process desks come with a deep understanding of your business and marketing needs and are designed to provide strong operations support...


Marketing management and planning - Salesforce management - Distribution Channels Management - Business Planning

Telecom Solutions

Public/Private shared digital infrastructure Management (Fiber Optic Backbone, Shared Data Center infrastructure, Open access networks.Telecommunications Operations ...

Strategy Session

It is very important that the entire organization is aligned, with the stated business objectives, and is actively engaged in designing the future strategy of the business ...

Go To Market

Our G-T-M services help companies with the marketing and sales wind power to launch new products or services and expand their business to new markets and ...

Execution Consulting

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